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Evanescent III


mixed media

on board

size: 29 x 6 "


Evascent 3










This is "Amida" Buddha statue at Chion-In Temple in Kyoto, Japan. I was raised as Buddhist, specifically the branch of Jodo-shu (Pure Land Buddhism). My grandmother sometimes took me to the temple but I had never been that religious. I love to sit in the temple and chill when I visit Japan though. My father always said "If you face any difficulties, close your eyes, put your hands together and say a prayer "Namu-Amida-Butsu." Your grandparents are always watching over you from Nirvana."
I've created many Buddhism themed works in the past. As I create more, I realize that I actually have a sense of devotion and I need the prayer my folks always whispered. "Namu-Amida-Butsu"


 detail 1

detail 2

detail 3


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