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Welcome to Sonoka County -homestead-. Ifm Sonoka Fukuma Gozelski, I build farmhouse inspired cube stools and home decor items out of reclaimed wood. I'm not really a woodworker. I have a total respect for fine craftspeople, furniture makers and woodworkers. I'm just a handy person who used to build theatre sceneries and props. I build something rustic and pretty that I can stare at all day long, and something that infuses into my everyday life. With materials that I can salvage, with tools that I can afford, I present my designs to your life. It's a hard work no matter what you do to put your soul into. I build just that at my homestead one at a time.

I live in North Brookfield, NY with Hobo, a 16 years old female pitbul mix. I participate in various arts and crafts shows in Central New York from spring to fall. Like me on Facebook and Instagram. More up-to-date information and photos are available on social media.



Reclaimed Wood Cube Stools
white wash finish
walnut finish
My box stools are approx 18" cube. Removable Cushion is 2" thick foam and batting upholstered with durable natural canvas. Inside is open for storage. 65% recycled material.

Galvanized steel straps on two sides. White wash finish gets corroded copper (turquoise) nails. Walnut finish gets burnt & rusted nails.


$195 each. Tax Included. I deliver within Central NY at small fee. Please email me for inquiry.


some process shots...
Trash to Treasure.
My crowbar tells me..
Planed and cleaned.
Cut to sizes.
Testing hardware.
I try to leave rough nature of reclaimed wood. It's a nightmare to deal with warped and twisted wood. I plain and clean them as much as I need to before assembly. But you will see imperfections. There's no one exactly the same. That's the way I like it. It's handmade, it takes time to complete one. I'm building up my inventory rather slowly. Please contact me if you'd like to claim yours.
  Other Home Decor Products    

Plant Pot Cover - 10" pot fits

$55 ea.

17.5" Hardcore Mug Rack

$30 ea.

100% recycled wood layered Vase

comes with a milk bottle $30 ea.


12 x 20" Quirky Tray

$35 ea.

Hand cut stencil Reversible Canvas Art

$20 ea.

7" Minimalist Rack

$20 ea.

Bottle Opener

Available at arts and crafts shows listed below. I want you to touch and feel the wood. Come check them out! Online order is extremely difficult since every piece is different. If you are willing to let me pick one for you, please email me for a quote. hs@sonokacounty.com

Do you have old jeans with sentimental value? I convert jean pockets to 'Old School Jean Pocket Bottle Opener'. Send me your jeans and $40 check. It covers materials, labor and shipping. Perfect gift for your special someone!

*Shape of wood and color vary.


Old School Jean Pocket Bottle Opener

$30 ea.


2018 show schedule

The Second Show Saturday February 10, 10am-5pm The Cosmopolitan 1153, 1153 West Fayette St., Syracuse, NY

Clinton Farmers Market Every Thursday 10am-4pm June 7-October 4, Village Green, Clinton, NY

CAVAC Cazenovia Arts & Crafts Fair June 30- July 1 (Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm) Lorenzo State Historical Site, Cazenovia, NY

LaFayette Apple Festival (Pending) October 6-7 (Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm) , Tully Farms Rd., LaFayette, NY


Sonoka County collage art upcoming show schedule

I'm also a collage artist. Come see my artworks at these shows listed below, and check out my website here.

Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival (Pending) July 27-29 Syracuse, NY

Clinton Arts & Music Festival (Pending) August 25 Clinton, NY

Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival (Pending) September 8-9 Norwich, NY



Sonoka Fukuma Gozelski

9733 Keith Rd., West Edmeston, NY 13485


Sonoka County -homestead- is a sister venue of Sonoka County Collage Art.


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