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Evanescent VII


mixed media

on board

size: 29 x 6 "


Evanescent 7










If you know me, my background is theatre set design and scene painting. Texture and layers, these are the two of the hugely important elements for theatre scenery. I'd put a base coat then texture over it, using sea sponge, rag roll, wood rocker etc etc. then spatter or wash to give it a life and then top coat of glaze to unify the entire picture. Each layer has to show through the layer above. It takes time since each step has to dry completely. When I was actively painting, carpenter guys used to yell at me because my paint didn't dry overnight. I had to use a lot of water to achieve the layer effect, paint often took a long time to dry even with a fan on. Anyway, that's pretty much what I've been doing on my works. This piece is a fine example of the layer effect with a lot of water. I let blue water flow and left it until dry. It's only a background of Buddha and leaves but it actually excites me the most.


 detail 1

detail 2


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