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Destination Unknown -Wanderlust-



mixed media

on matboard

size: 11x16"











My first "Destination Unknown" series was made back in 2006. It's got a dark deep blue background with an abstract map and brown stone building. The building represented where I landed at that time -NYC-, where I was eager to make it in theatre set design industry. But at the same time I had uncertainty and fear for where I was heading. Where am I going? Where do I want to go? What if "my fate" that's written before I was even born really exists, then why am I struggling to make my own choice? Call me naive. That's fine. Nearly a decade later today, my life has changed in many ways. But I still have the same question in the back of my head. "Where do I go from here?" Well, right now, I'm pretty thirsty for change. My signature paper airplane represents that. The spiral staircase is kind of like a spine/backbone - straight up, round and round up you go, I see it as "my fate", that I'm not allowed to know.

I hope it tells you a little bit who I am.





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