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America's Welcome - Statue of Liberty


mixed media

on board

size: 20x10"


Framed $320

Americas Welcome










This is shocking. I've never used American Flag in my works. Ever. What's going on these days in America, military action (as adjective) to deport undocumented immigrants, expensive wall at Mexican border, Muslim travel ban, hate crimes all over the country, etc etc. As an immigrant myself, I cannot be quiet. Petit activism inside me fired up on this piece. I had this vintage postcard in my file. It read "America's Welcome, Statue of Liberty". This country always welcomed people who'd work hard and cherished the equal opportunity. I've been living in the US for 20 years. I love this country for this idea. It allowed me to pursue my American dream. This postcards said it all to me. Feb. 16, 2017 was A Day Without Immigrants. Hardworking immigrants boycotted to work and a lot of busines owners supported them by closing their business that day. I supported them in my own way, art.

Yes, there are 50 stars, in case you are wondering.







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