I was born and raised in Japan. I came to NY to attend college in 1997, earned a BFA and an MFA in theatre set design, got married in 2003 and I am now US permanent resident. I designed theatre sets, assisted designers and painted sceneries, including Broadway, Off Broadway, and regional theatres for over 10 years. Having worked in theatre where meticulous planning and collaboration were required, I sometimes needed an escape to be in my own world. So I started making collage in 2006 and Sonoka County was born. [fly-like-a-snail] was my first project. I printed postcards out of my 4x6" original collage works and sold them at art shows. Its mission was to reconnect you to someone with whom you had been out of touch by sending my cards via snail mail. My husband John was a part time landscape photographer and worked full time for facility management department at a university as HVAC lead man. As artist couple, we did art shows together having booths next each other. We also traveled quite a bit, Japan, England, Southwest Grand Circle, Las Vegas, Shenandoah NP, Upstate NY... Life in an old little house on Long Island was good. Then one morning right before Christmas in 2011, John passed away suddenly. The unexpected event has left me too many tasks to handle alone while I was still in grief. My anxiety level was sky high. I sold his photography gears to pay bills. I felt guilty for everything I did to survive. Although, grief and sorrow prepared me for a strength to believe in joy again. I started hiking and backpacking. I started driving a long distance alone for leisure. And more and more I wanted to devote to my art. I desperately needed a change in my life and a breathable space. Summer of 2016, I took the leap. I purchased a charming old house in upstate NY and left Long Island for good. Yes, I still work for theatre. But less, much less. As I learn rural upstate life style (lots of snow!) and home ownership, I'm slowly but surely going back to my art.

I live with my four legged daughter Hobo, who John and I adopted from shelter. She is a 16 years old brindle Pit Bull mix. We are loving our new life right next to wild life and farm animals.


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